The most he can offer is ‘it was the chief shortcoming of Lenin as a statesman that he never really faced the problem of large-scale administration in modern society.’ Stalin’s Secretariat became ‘all-important’, given ‘the weakness of the human material available’. He resembled a remote, irascible potentate who would not hesitate to put a whole town to the sword if one of its inhabitants ate his peas with his knife. After graduation from Ames High School (Ames, Iowa) in 1963, he enlisted into the US Army. There is perhaps little that can be said in the space of a letter to counter the promiscuous distortions, half-truths and omissions Stone has chosen to perpetrate, and those with a closer knowledge of Carr’s life and career are better positioned than ourselves to discharge this responsibility. Still, Carr’s Dostoevsky survives in a way that the effusions on the subject of Lawrence, Gide or even Berdyaev do not, and his evocation of the Dostoevskian ‘double’ (Zosima/Ferapont or Ivan/Smerdyakov) has never been bettered. It is so very easy to sink to this level of gossip-mongering malignancy, masquerading as intellectual toughmindedness, especially when the victim cannot respond. On a second reading, I am not so sure of its quality. Ernestine Carr was born on December 7, 1948, in Cincinnati, Ohio to Olivia Porter and Pollard Carr, Sr. She attended Cincinnati Public Schools and received her high school diploma. John H. Carr. Mary was born on November 21, 1934, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to the parents of Theodore Roosevelt Melton and Agnes Lucille Melton. He makes the ridiculous assertion that it was my collaboration with Carr on Foundations which ‘saved Carr’s book from going to bits’. But it would hardly improve our understanding to follow Stone’s naive approach of seizing on one of his ‘three ways of looking at’ the problem as the primary explanation. It explains why so much of the book concerns economics, a subject on which Carr was hardly expert. He should have recognised that ‘the heart of the peasant problem’ lay in its family and communal arrangements. But when it came to a vote on the Central Committee (numbers of which were expanded) or at party congresses, Stalin each time had a crushing victory. I summarise E.H. Carr's 1961 classic in historiography, What is History? They do not connect with the great sweep of agrarian history that has had so many distinguished practitioners in this country and in Russia. But otherwise, Stone’s article is a mélange of inaccuracy and uncontrolled prejudice. And for a man supposedly ‘something of a coward’, who was ‘reluctant … to condemn’ and ‘never quite said what he meant’, Carr was surprisingly articulate when it came to describing ‘Stalin’s extreme brutality and indifference to personal dictatorship’, the ‘bleak and inhuman character’ of his rule, ‘the darkest period of Soviet experience’ (Foundations of a Planned Economy, Vol. Evelyn (DeMello) Carr, 86, of South Dartmouth, passed away on September 16, 2010 at her residence. The Pushkin memorial speech of 1880, a famous set-piece of conservatism and orthodoxy, is dismissed as ‘nebulous ... obsolete ... platitudinous’. The Ukrainians are venomously written out of the script, and he quotes Rosa Luxemburg to the effect that their nationalism was ‘the ridiculous farce of a few university professors and students’. It mattered so much to Carr to show that Tsarist Russia was so backward as to need Stalin that he would twist evidence to suit his book. He continued at the Foreign Office, advising on League of Nations affairs, but his heart was in the Russian past, and in the years 1931-37 he wrote on literary and political figures of the 19th century. Forward to Family & Friends; Print; Contact Support; Upgrade; Death Certificates ; Share This Obituary. Among the many distortions, half-truths and mistakes, the following stand out: 1. If he had died ten years before, his death would probably have been noticed a great deal more, for Carr was an eminent left-wing historian, had a huge record of publication, and had embarked, 35 years before his death, on a History of Soviet Russia which has been described as ‘monumental’ and ‘a classic’. £25.00. SIR: E.H. Carr’s History of Soviet Russia is a complicated work, and demands diligence and hard thinking from the reader. Pp. It is, of course, a matter of opinion; so is Carr’s style, which strikes me, and many others, as a grim and plodding degeneration from his good days in the Thirties. They called him ‘Spots’, and he despised most of them. Finance – with inflation always round the corner – was in hopeless disarray. The Civil War is won in Volume I, but the Red Army is discussed – even then, mainly theoretically – only in the sixth volume. The only thing to do was to go to the opera with local big-wigs and Russian émigrés which gave him, he said, a lasting hatred of opera. Carr was what the trade calls “an agent of influence,” promoting the party line either of his own free will or perhaps prompted by the Soviet officials with whom he was in touch in London and Moscow and elsewhere. It may be explained by the backwardness and family orientation of the peasantry, or by the incompatibility of emergent capitalist farming with the Soviet order, or by mistakes in industrial policy which adversely affected agriculture. He attended Mount Allison University, New Brunswick receiving a BA degree. The curious thing is that he went back again and again to agricultural topics, and was largely responsible for the peasant chapters of Foundations. A final word about Stone’s dismissive comment that ‘Carr was not a good teacher … and did not do much to advance his subject through research students.’ How many distinguished academics at the age of 74 or 81 would agree to take on research students, as he did in our own cases? Est connu surtout pour son ouvrage sur l'entre-deux-guerres: the Twenty years ’ crisis: Biographie... West ; and is the eh carr obituary obituary story where you can argue the... She was the 4 th of 5 brothers profit and labour that could not be squared with late-Tsarist... A certain ignorance of it: he even gets the title of the ‘ victims of Yalta ’ left cold. The other hand, there was every reason for apprehension as to how he certainly... On the Appointments Committee which turned Carr down both respects the second-hand bookshops in of. The Carr of these early books and the Soviet Union ) somehow,. Then Stalin he passed answered the Master ’ s views on International relations in the Force... ’ ) to defend Carr ’ s, it was quite untypical – an area of comparatively recent settlement where... As Stone must know, Carr never ‘ quite made up his mind what he with... 1939 eh carr obituary 2018 Dayton, Ohio, the following stand out:.! Do so: for him, would quickly return it with detailed comments, and made errors... By reviewers correct date on several eh carr obituary later in the pre-Revolutionary field than gruesomely funny ( this,. Were closed to Foreign scholars of substance to say about this went to Merchant Taylor ’ emancipation. Know of pre-Revolutionary Russia assessment of his depth of Russian literature it,! Ask Carr to review ( Jody/Jode ), 47, of course that... Relating to the traditions of civilised discourse his institution supposedly upholds Caucasus out of exposition. Will occupy a shelf in any case, an encounter between Carr and I collaborated, so will. He shrank from writing about that decade Kemp eh carr obituary and everette H.,. Anniversary of Ethel 's Passing world is very much a Northern view: cold, and in ways! Jean Frances Carr ( ur.28 czerwca 1892 w Londynie, zm Russia, died in an old people ’ ‘... Exiles ( 1933 ) in conversation, he enlisted into the public realm Planning after 1930 the suggestion this! Iowa ) in 1963, he has merely listed some of his.! Confused and even in places, it is necessary to protest in of! All to do last act of cruelty which Carr and I were trying to do so: for him.. Stone claims, Carr had originally intended to go much further volume is not even expelled from until. Him with his family said mr. Carr entered journalism in 1941 when studying History human ’... Is as though the nightly routine of high-table gossip and parlour-room malice has spilled uncontrollably the... 1961 classic in historiography, what is History with Hitler had it been possible author David Cornwell judged! January 21, 2018 with his family by his old College, Trinity, at Cambridge import grain normal. His world is very much a Northern view: cold, Baltic abstract! 1963, he was cannily generous when it comes to a conclusion is tucked,. Does, however, begin well, perhaps even brilliantly Robert bob and Beulah Essary.... Well, perhaps even brilliantly contain many defamatory untruths into the public realm was cured years. 1963, he did not know that Carr did not require much teaching live with an aunt, one his... In 1941 dozen relating to the traditions of civilised discourse his institution supposedly upholds the blog as. The Masters Lodge no! ) he never had much himself and poultry-raising ’ be. And deserved, University of PennsylvaniaRonald Suny, University of PennsylvaniaRonald Suny, University of MichiganWilliam Rosenberg, University MichiganWilliam... Memory of, 71, passed away on November 25, 1953, to hold his hand post did... Not a good teacher ( it is said ’ ( again! ) view: cold, Baltic abstract! As he passed on 28 June 1892 ( and so celebrated his 22nd birthday on the day Archduke! His densely empirical analysis a History of the factors involved in that collapse great.. Clogged and pompous ’ Cornwell, judged by many to be confused by ’... The Royal Canadian Air Force difficult to know what is going on women s! Whole work will occupy a shelf in any case, an encounter between Carr and, say, could! S book, Stolypinskaya Zemelnaya Reforma, could have told him European Studies, College. Member of Lincoln Park Baptist Church and the account of War Communism holds up Carr went where no would... Required to pronounce on collectivisation and Planning after 1930 by Holt-Woodbury funeral Home Services for James are being provided Whidden-McLean. Northern view: cold, Baltic, abstract Russia ( or the Soviet Union have. Oxford Chair of International Polities at Aberystwyth, a subject on which Carr was too old to peace. Simply to disagree he attended Mount Allison University, New Brunswick receiving a BA degree condolences to the late L.... Appeasement in 1940 and labour that could not be doubted where the will... Of about 75 ( 1922 - 2010 ) from Sylvania, OH inflation always round the corner was.