["Swedish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk%3bZho__CN.pdf"], ["Italy", [ ["Russian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Rus__RU.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Italian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Ita__IT.pdf"], ["Japan", [ ["France", [ ["Brazil", [ ]], ["Thai (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__th-TH%3bEuk__TH.pdf"], ["Mexico", [ Hardtop XP can be used over the Jotamastic and Penguard ranges of two-pack primers.. Hardtop AX was the chosen topcoat on Belford Dolphin to save time and cost during maintenance and eliminate the traditional limitations with other polyurethane topcoats. ]], The theoretical coverage for Jotun Hardtop HB is 8.3 square metres per litre. Jotun Hardtop HB 2 Pack Polyurethane Topcoat Overview. ]], ["Norwegian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Nor__NO.pdf"], ]], ]], ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Ger__DE.pdf"], From £52.45. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__AE.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Eng__CA.pdf"], ["Russia", [ A two pack, high solids, flexible polyurethane coating with good gloss and colour retention offering good impact resistance with built in corrosion protection suitable as a single coat system in atmospheric corrosivity classes C2 and C3 and can also be used as a topcoat in classes C2 - C4, C5-I and C5-M on various primers and as a maintenance coating on old paint surfaces. ["Vietnamese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__vi-VN__VN.pdf"], Category. ]], ["French", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Fra__FR.pdf"], Brand : JOTUN. Product description ]], Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di … Jotun Hardtop XPL is a two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating that has a matt finish with very good gloss retention.. A matt finish aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating with very good gloss retention.