Se Jong Unnie!!!! seventeencarat Dec 30 2017 5:16 am mike Aug 16 2017 3:07 am Do kyung soo and yoo jung for lead role Bts V and Irene for supporting role. I'm so happy with the line up. Omg see kang jun please!! i even brought the black hoody withe the white ribbons !! I love the idea that a "below-average" student has a great dream.. !sejong is so good at acting! recomended !!!!! //]]>, //.<. He is so cool!!!!!! She didn't have much acting experience. I want to see more sweet and cute scene of eunho and taewoon please. Kanja Aug 01 2017 3:12 pm nugu Jul 19 2017 7:12 am Hats off to her, she does really well in acting. I agree with you @pengomen. ??❤️. love hyang gi kim May 19 2017 12:28 am An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Slay Jul 21 2017 1:44 am Jul 15 2017 9:59 am But ' where is the part that dae hwi catch eun ho...i rly wanted to see that but..what happend. I really enjoy this drama these days. The storyline is also not bad. The story is perfect and it wasn't rushed (little bit at the end but still) You can call me weird but if they were real couple, I would wish for them to be couple until they get dreams and get married (lol :3) . Please let Ji Soo from Strong Do Bong So (sassy go go) have the male lead role play or at least kim taehyung and for the actress please either let Jung eunji or Lee Sung-kyung, Layla Apr 17 2017 8:48 am Great cast, great story, beautiful shoot, i love this drama. even the teachers haven't been chosen. I'm sure that this will be the stepping stone for the three main leads. This is so greatest! BonamiRosa Apr 11 2017 9:48 pm Minjae and kim yoo jung! On of the best thing bout this drama is the girl’s smile god she is cute????? T___T, Steph Jul 24 2017 3:09 am fried Jun 05 2017 1:42 am py Jul 28 2019 11:36 am maybe .. Yoo Jung with DO.. hihihi, Raoniee May 18 2017 9:32 pm keep it up kbs2!! Will anticipate omg!! Captian Kid Aug 08 2017 10:35 pm Hemma Kim Aug 18 2017 8:42 am Posh Jan 10 2018 6:28 am Park bogum and Irene.. It's kinda not makes sense to watch but indeed I enjoyed it so much. This drama has me waiting for the next week to come faster and has been great, Izzati Lafifa Aug 14 2017 10:11 pm this drama is just wonderful. This rich × poor hierarchy was also a wonderful idea for drama. Kim Jung Hyun looks a lot like Kim Woo Bin. Is it the only reason why she wants to get into Hanguk University? I want jisoo from strong woman do bong soon for the first male lead jeball, Jisoo Apr 17 2017 8:54 am i was actually really shocked at sejeong's acting :O just wow! When she does the aegyo I didnt wnat the drama to end. The Ben Shapiro Show (2017) Els dies clau (2015) Extra with Billy Bush (2015) The Drunken Peasants (2015) Tellement Gay! And Seo Hyun Jin as one of the teachers. I'm glad I watched this. Kim Tae Hyung ,Byun Baek Hyun or GOT7 Park Jin Young, 미카 Apr 17 2017 7:27 am //