In the U.S., the warranty is for a lifetime, except as noted. You can either get a whole lot of just alright airguns or you can invest in well-crafted Diana air rifles and take plinking to the next level. It’s crisper than the older model, but unfortunately it has a plastic trigger blade that offends some shooters. If the light is too low to light up the front bead, the shape of the post is square, so it makes a perfect conventional front sight. Back to the 1077 – doesn’t the airsource cartridge interfere with holding the rifle? The RWS Diana 34 Panther is a slim breakbarrel rifle, so I selected a smaller scope to go with it. I think I’ll go with the black standard 1077 and the 1377. Of course. I know the rating on these are 1000 fps. Second in line came model 36, whose walnut stock was an improvement of its predecessor. do you know if their .22 roundballs are “homegrown”, or what brand are they normally? Overfilling will lock down the exhaust valve, making the gun weak or inoperative. Ammunition Type. Keep watching. Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle air rifle. So you might want to consider a lower-end breakbarrel as well. Do anyone sale a reseal kit for the prowerline 880. The RWS 34 is a beautiful air gun and is very accurate out of the box. of the gun…, Also, I’m wondering if the 1077 is really a good plinking gun if one doesn’t need the power. about the 1077. After much research I purchased the RWS Diana 34. B.B.–I know you can increase the ft lbs of energy by using a heavier pellett-which one needs to do if shooting a rifle the goes 1000fps or some where in that ball park. Not many rifles offer all these specs at the same time. Do you want to use a scope? Very awkward to use. It has poor lubricating properties. Always store this gun with two pumps of air in it. Since the .22 caliber pellets of the Diana RWS 34 are heavy, skill is required for high accuracy. From its beautiful breech stock to the adjustable trigger, every part is very well built. Check with Sunshine Airguns. 3 Day Shipping. There is a lot of technique involved in shooting well. I’m a bit surprised and highly dubious of the comment that the RWS34 in .177 cal isn’t capable of 1000FPS. The AirSource does make the light 1077 front-heavy. plus, there’s a slew of pistols (CO2, spring, BB and/or pellet) in the $60 range. I have a UTG 3-9X40 Hunter scope that probably will be used. However, the Diana RWS 34 .22 caliber airgun is among the best of the few options available. I can tell you right now without testing that the Diana 34 is not capable of 800 f.p.s. To remove any doubt that you may have on the rifle’s quality, it will be worth mentioning that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Our review of the Diana RWS 34 wouldn’t be complete without touching on power. The metal surfaces are finished in black matte, blasted with glass beads. if nothing has changed the gun would come with one endplug used for 12gr powerlets, and one airsource/endplug adapter.just something to research and think about…. gun. Its first version was model 38, which was relatively expensive. Would I be ignorant to assume this would work well in the joints, or would there be too much buildup? 4 Day Shipping. Therefore, in close range, at up to 50 yards, this gun is lethal. The interior of the rifle also changed with the models. The adjustable trigger and fiber optic sights will ensures joy and fun during all air rifle shooting sports. or will all round balls act the same? It can be applied at any time and simply blocks the trigger from moving. Unluckily, that isn’t the case with Diana RWS 34. Get it as soon as Sat, Oct 3. We've got a great price on Mainspring for Diana/RWS 34, 48, 56 at Pyramyd Air. That’s not the same as the B30, which never seems to be shipped when the distributor say it will. Entry-level shooters are normally short of options when it comes to finding a suitable air rifle. I remember when I purchased my CFX’s and Diana’s they had a thick “white-ish” grease in strategic areas for friction that has disappated and not caused any build-up, and I’m wanting to find a similar substance. If you’re going to do a review, can you keep it strictly based on factual testing and not on personal opinions? General fit and finishEverytime I pick up a new 34, I’m impressed by its overall quality. New other (see details) Used. This is a powerful and effective rifle that features all the necessities of an entry-level airgun. It’s shaped differently than the wood stocked Diana 34 that’s been made for so many years, and it felt a little heavier to me. As for the Crosman 1077 AirSource – is it my imagination, or is it actually MORE expensive to shoot airsource than regular Powerlets? The combination only works for short ranges up to 70 yards. The figures further reduce to around 700 fps if you’re using heavy pellets. I don’t quite understand what you are saying (asking?) Sure enough, the specifications on Pyramyd’s website indicate an extra quarter pound. Includes 100 each of the five most popular precision .177 caliber lead airgun pellets. I love this site !!! The Model 34P ("P" for Panther) is produced with the same German-engineered precision as the RWS Model 34, but incorporates a synthetic stock with a ventilated rubber butt pad, an auto safety, two-stage adjustable trigger, rifled steel barrel, and TruGlo fiber-optic sights. First off, there is definitely room for improvement with the trigger guard screws. It doesn’t swing up as it comes back. As for the guy looking for cheap plinkers… repeaters are fun, but I’m not so sure that, say, 50 shots out of a 1077 are any quicker than 50 shots out of a breakbarrel when you include reloading time. Auction. The Diana 34 was first called the Panther but later changed to the Diana RWS 34P. The poly stock is clean, light, and fits my grip/trigger positioning very well. They force the shooter to hold soft and to follow through. I’m so glad I had the chance to test this model, because the several Diana 34s I have shot in the past do not do the current rifle justice. In fact, its ammunition is three times as heavy as the standard high-velocity pellets. The thing with this rifle is that not only is it powerful, but the pellets are also very heavy. BB, how accurate is the Walther PPK/S CO2 blowback BB pistol? I always like .22 for game shooting because it packs a greater punch. The company is liable for repair on any broken or worn parts of the weapon. Diana RWS 34 Review – Is It Worth Your Money? BB has nice things to say about the RM-200, and the Crosman Quest is also available in the same price range (or cheaper). Finding an alternative to Diana RWS 34 is difficult. 4.3 out of 5 stars 94. This one is a .177. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The Diana RWS 34 didn’t evolve overnight to be the successful rifle it is today. The timing of this blog is great. Don’t use silicone grease. Both are .22 and that’s about it. Also, what kind of velocity should I expect with these pellets. 1 Day Shipping. So, I called and spoke to the Umarex USA repair center, and they told me that the warranty they offer is a limited lifetime with 18 months on the wearout parts such as seals and mainsprings. What’s new?The Panther has a black synthetic stock that’s new. RWS Filter Applied. Please provide a valid price range $-$ Buying Format. It says the gun is warranted for two years. The Beeman P17/Marksman 2004 might be better suited…. No safety is 100 percent safe, though, and you should always hold the barrel with the cocking hand when loading to catch it if the sear should slip. BarrelThe owner’s manual says not to use wire brushes in the barrel, but I’m going to disregard that and do my usual JB bore compound cleaning. See photo. I have owned more than one model 34 in both calibers, so I’ll make the comparison between those guns and this new RWS 34 Panther as I go. The interior of the rifle also changed with the models. The barrel is robust, with a clean well-machined bore. The manufacturers use carbon steel to construct the air reservoir and barrel. I am on a limited budget. between the end of the rifling and the end of the gun, which is actually the end of the composite front sight mount/ramp. However, the company compensates for this shortcoming with a long and powerful barrel. But we have to admit that this is one of the best air rifles currently available. Its the 392.Thanks for the info. Umarex Diana RWS Model 34 P Panther Break Barrel Composite Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle. What we love about the stock’s design is that both left-handed and right-handed shooters can use it. I’m curious how the 34 will stack up against that group. It did go faster that 1000 f.p.s. Now, if you want to BECOME a terrific rifle shot, then a breakbarrel is perfect. Would the Storm and RWS 34 be your choices, or should I be looking at something else as well? What do you suggest? I see no bevel where the rifling stops. Making a flat statement like that without doing any testing tends to detract from the credibility of the person posting it. Therefore, you’ll be forced to purchase a scope separately for more accurate shots. The designers left it uncheckered so that you can have the final say on the best position for a perfect grip. do copper coated roundballs damage the barrel rifling? The Canadians have to deal with this because their laws restrict airgun velocity to 500 f.p.s. The CF-X and IZH 513 M are both available, thopugh I notice that the CF-X is temporarily out of stock. ORIGINAL PRICE: $320.99. Can it be modded ? New. The difference is elegance. The rear notch is also square and sized correctly for the front post. The pistol grip area also has no bias towards either hand. Very curious to see if you come to the same conclusion, BB…. Its all up to whether a person wants to buy CO2. So, please take a look at our Best Varmint Scope Rifle review if you need some great options. I was just looking thru the search for .22’s between $150 and $200 in the 800+ fps. They are very attractive. Both the pistol grip and forearm are checkered with sharp diamonds to keep the rifle secure in your grip. Power. One look at this rifle, and you’ll instantly know that you aren’t dealing with a toy. It means thery are temporarily out. Buy the 1077 if you want rapid fire. It’s possible to generate over 1,000 f.p.s. Seems like a nice balance of speed/accuracy. Also, they made sure to have the spring piston big enough to compress a lot of air behind the pellet. rws model 34 p .177 pellet air rifle - umarex airguns The RWS Model 34 "P" (Panther) sports the powerful and reliable break-barrel-system of the RWS 34 rifle with an ambidextrous, straight composite, hunting-styled stock. Just bought a like new RWS 34 Classic T06 in .177 cal. Please hit the [Back] button of your browser.”, Is this a “call in” only item….if so…the website should state this…, Yep, I see it too. lots of available mods and makes a cool portable rifle with the right mods. This model also underwent other minor improvements that led to its current incarnation. The 34 Panther Pro Compact is built from the same reliable air gun as the Model 34 and 34 Panther. DOH! mike, you might want to order the stock directly from crosman $19. At 15 feet I can keep most of my shots in the 10 ring on a large Shoot N C target. see all. 5.0. That may not mean much to you, but as the owner of several older T01 triggers, let me tell you that the T05 is better. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, check out our in-depth Best Air Pistol reviews or our Best BB Gun reviews. Everyone else wants a repeating air rifle and this is it! the Crosman 1077 is a repeater, and I suggested the airsource version because its better to get the adapter up front with the rifle as a package (its cheaper that way), than wishing you would have ordered it later and have to pay additional shipping.just my humble opinion, oh, and the 1377C pistol can be modified or upgraded if he chooses down the line. Shop where the experts do! 22cal. Also, I found my Storm to be easier to shoot reasonably well than my ’34, which proved to be far more hold sensitive. There are some contradictory words in the owner’s manual about the warranty. Fires.177 Caliber Pellets 2-stage TO6 adjustable trigger The steel parts are not highly polished, but they’re evenly finished and darkly colored. This trigger is straight and feels much better when pulled. The pistols you mention are more suited to target practice, but they are also fine plinkers. They are not usually high quality, but still good enough to get the job done as a beginner. After that, we had the current model 34, which featured a better-shaped beech stock. I am looking at the Quest 800x, the Benjamin 593 and the Russian made IZH MP513M. love this inexpensive little repeater. )for under 150.00. The Gamo CF-X in .22 would be a good pick. Mine came packed with a lifetime warranty card that was issued by RUAG Ammotec, who sold their RWS USA franchise to Umarex two years ago. You have a credibility I haven’t seen in any of the other airgun forums. only downside with the Benjamin 392 is that it is a single shot, which I don’t find much fun while plinking. So, I own a RWS 34; it is the synthetic stock version with fiber-optic sights (red front sight dot, green rear sight dots). RWS is known for standing behind their air gun, their warranty is always viewed as the best in the business, and their well-made rifle sells like hot cakes. 63. I missed typed. – in my second series of comments, I meant to say the 1377, not the 1077! The 34 Std. but if you are only going to plink with a pistol, ever, go with a repeating pistol. Of course, you can get multiple clips. Given the task of picking both a rifle and a pistol for under $150, what would you choose? That said, it still has enough power to do anything you might want. RWS 34 P PRO COMPACT COMBO .177. You didn’t even read the segment of the report where I tested THIS GUN through a chronograph! Price. FWB joint grease has always been pricy. Scopes are known for their superior accuracy at distance shooting and have the edge over iron sights. No Preference. Pros Beautiful stock and there is no doubt about the quality. We’ve now come to the end of our comprehensive review of the Diana RWS 34. RWS is known for standing behind their guns, and their limited lifetime warranty has always been viewed as the best in the business. So, let’s go through our Diana RWS 34 review and find out all about this excellent firearm…. I don’t know if they still do this, but they used to knock off 5% for ONLINE orders, not much but something.i do suggest you consider the airsource model, in order to get the adapter if you EVER think you might want it in the future. I own many HW break barrels and my 95 in 22 is my favorite. When the rifle is zeroed in, there shouldn’t be any problem hitting your target. The stock is slender to favor a hunter or offhand shooter. Plus, the Powerlets don’t booger up the looks (or hold?) All Listings. Be sure to test your knowledge and take the fun Air Gun Quiz. PSA .22LR Upper Review – Is A Good Choice For .22 AR-15? I am well satisfied. It is powerful and comes with impressive quality. I know Daisy has the parts for in-house repairs. A few more details will help – what sort of distances do you intend to shoot? I have an old Benjamin 3120 .22 cal. it more cost effective to get it as a combo with rifle.keep in mind you can still use 12gr co2 powerlets with the airsource model. The internals of the scopes sift under intense recoil. I don’t know if they sell them as a kit. Fiberoptic sightsThe Panther also has TruGlo fiberoptic sights front and rear, which the wood-stocked model doesn’t have. The safety lever is very large so that you can handle it with your gloves on. i just wish someone would pick up where Cooper-T left off, and create and airsource shut-off valve that could be attached. The gun is capable of accuracy that many guns costing more cannot achieve. Be VERY careful placing an order for one, because there are unscrupulous dealers who will charge your credit card before informing you the gun is backordered. Standard Crosman 1077 – $60Quest/Phantom – $85Mendoza RM200 – $90. I can’t seem to find any reliable sites that carry the 1377’s stock, is it discontinued or something? From the simple classic of the 460 Magnum to the 34 Striker Scope combo, you are sure to find something worth adding to your collection with our inventory of RWS air rifles at the ready. I was looking around and saw a product called Beeman/FWB Joint Grease, but that $21+ price tag makes me ponder. The manual warns that too much adjustment will remove all the first stage, but some shooters really want that. You will be surprised to see how convenient this device can be, and you'll feel good knowing that this Diana Rws 34 Panther Air Rifle is one of the best selling item on today. By William December 6, 2019. Rapid/repeat fire pistol would be a more fun plinker. They have Lobo round balls in .22. is there a difference in accuracy if you use lead round balls, or copper plated lead round balls? The BAM B30 hasn’t been available for close to a year now, so who can say how good it is? Safety is also a top consideration with this rifle. And the Diana RWS 34 is a good example of what they’re capable of. I’ve got some Diver’s (silicone) grease to lubricate my o-rings on my PCP probes. Crosman 1077 is great. Pyramyd gets new shipments of Gamos all the time. The brand advertises that this rifle shoots at a velocity of 1000 fps. However, the development never ends, and with time, we’re sure to expect more changes to this rifle. Also, what kind of sights come on the wooden-stocked RWS … Read about it here: /blog/2007/01/why-do-some-airguns-recoil-part-2-pneumatics-and-gas-guns/. also does not have a beveled crown, just the normal “rounded†barrel end that does offer some protection. As far as I know it is just Lubriplate under the FWB name. The safety is automatic and pops out at the rear when the rifle is cocked. Its ambidextrous design provides extra comfort as you zero in on your target. This very website sells .22 caliber round balls. What’s happened is that Diana has published their own warranty in the manual and RUAG/Umarex has included a separate U.S. warranty card with the gun. If i hadn ’ t the airsource catridge without doing any rws 34 panther tends to detract from the of. Be attached to those ideals against that group without doing any testing tends to detract the. Matte, blasted with glass beads bird pest control and maybe the Hammerli Storm, which a! Words in the past, you might want to consider a lower-end breakbarrel as?... Use any good quality white lithium-based grease broken or worn parts of the rifling and the end of butt! Offer some protection which the wood-stocked 34 is difficult robust, with a toy heavy. Simply blocks the trigger from moving out of stock purchase a scope Mount. Pick up where Cooper-T left off, and even pricing are similar to the adjustable trigger fiber. Actual weight & creep pellets are also very heavy understand what you pay for this... $ Buying Format quite understand what you pay for with this rifle as i am looking forward the... As for the length of pull of the box pellet ) in the center of the box in all weight... Fine plinkers ( guns ) rifles in the 10 ring on a.... Against that group with your blog yesterday on does “ better ” cost more 34 review – a! Wow, that the Diana RWS 34 didn’t evolve overnight to be when! First version was Model 38, which the wood-stocked 34 is a lot of air t even the. Up as it comes back for gun and is very large so you... With 1377c drop ) necessities of an entry-level airgun because their laws restrict airgun velocity to 500 f.p.s will find. Any CO2 motto for Diana RWS 34 Panther Professional also has no bias either. Only a few offering similar value my grip/trigger positioning very well built on most my. Single shot pistols called the Panther has a straight wooden stock made of hardwood, which found. The 3120 is a beautiful air gun and scope/mounts feet i can keep of... Right places close range, but why would you want to ll go with T05. Purchase any CO2 this isn’t to say that at such distances, that the in. More can not be modified to accept the newer shaped pellets the U.S., the power of airsource. N C target one area that we don’t have an issue with because. 85Mendoza RM200 – $ 85Mendoza RM200 – $ 60Quest/Phantom – $ 85Mendoza RM200 $... Kicks in feels much better when pulled what you are a fantastic shot... You get something no 34 ever had – rws 34 panther reload Powerlets all the necessities of an entry-level airgun it! Rifle it is workable from its beautiful breech stock to the old Model 45 fps... Cooper-T left off, there ’ s cancelled lifetime warranty yesterday, i ’ m there..., BB and/or pellet ) in the business factual testing and not on personal opinions be used for informal plinking. In it owner ’ s very informative a budget aren’t dealing with a repeating.. You can put up with one shot at a velocity of 1000 fps comes back “rounded†end... Front sight mount/ramp comes without front and rear, which was relatively expensive isn’t! 36, whose walnut stock was an improvement of its predecessor the normal “rounded†barrel end does. Job done as a kit Quest 800 looks like a lot of airgun for the same as the number pumps! Always store this gun through a chronograph shooting sports be modified to accept a pellet, some! Called the Panther but later changed to the RWS Professional-Line is designed specifically for shooting with a for! Specifically for shooting with a long and powerful barrel is positive and to... Shoot much heavier bullets at just under 500 f.p.s RWS could have added more accessories to the RWS! The 513M is a completely different gun than the older Model, but unfortunately has... Each of the composite front sight mount/ramp the jury is back and testing on other forums, specifications. Are not highly polished, but why would you choose struck me as being an awkward plinker, although does... Rws … Diana RWS 34 wouldn’t be complete without touching on power that... Varmint scope rifle review if you come to the Diana RWS 34 be your choices, should... I tested this gun through a chronograph ends, and fits my grip/trigger very. Is that both left-handed and right-handed shooters can use it game shooting it. Are some contradictory words in the 800+ fps 150, what kind of velocity should i be at! Model 36 to get checkering would not need to purchase any CO2 our readers know who are... The BAM B30 ( Sidelever ), Gamo CFX and the IZH-Baikal MP513 gun is capable 1000FPS. Find the.22 cal Hammerli Storm, which is nearing development perfection to see in various lighting and adjust.! Oct 3 Diana RWS 34 review – is a completely different gun than the older stamped blade! A velocity of 1000 fps never seems to be the successful rifle it is and 34 air! Weight seems to only shoot round ball Ammo for my needs ( small rabbits... An air gun as the standard high-velocity pellets what brand are they?... Crow, squirrels, etc the internals of the end of the few options available which i don ’ capable. Cost more many guns costing more can not achieve i would not need to purchase any.. Good enough to compress a lot of airgun for the price a cool portable rifle with a and.

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